Sergio Ruivo, Managing Director, Tax, CA

Sergio Ruivo is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years experience in public accounting and management consulting. He spent several years within industry in senior financial roles, before moving into the sales tax management field. He has played a key role in the implementation of several ERP systems and has a thorough knowledge base of the overpayment and exposure environments. Sergio is leveraging his expertise into the role of Managing Director, Tax for R&T Tax Management Inc.

This breadth of experience has provided Sergio with a unique blend of capabilities including audit methodology, business processes, knowledge of various accounting systems as well as sales tax compliance and understanding.

Sergio has a well developed client focus that he brings to every assignment. His multidisciplinary background allows him to look at the big picture as well as specific issue identification. These traits help him look at each organization from various viewpoints including the identification and remedy of the underlying root causes.